Aug 4

Lead With Your Damn Heart

Whenever I ask a client where their passion, purpose, dreams, and potential live they all say the same thing - “here” as they touch their chest to get to their heart. that same conversation I hear and see a key component of them not leading with their heart, and that my friends is their mindset. 

Our mind likes to keep us safe and comfortable. As much as it thinks it’s helping us, it’s keeping us small. It’s why so many entrepreneurs say the biggest challenge and work within entrepreneurship is getting up each day and keeping the voice inside their head out of the way so they can build! It’s why the best athletes don’t just practice physically, they practice mental strength and all of that work is about training their mindset. 

THE QUALITY OF YOUR MIND DETERMINES THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE. Your mind plays a key role in reaching for what’s possible, bringing your best, AND your wellbeing as a whole.

Life has many roadblocks, don’t let your MINDSET be one. Your mindset is controllable, you just have to put in the reps.