Listening With Intention, Through Transition

Oct 13


It’s Megan Dolce, the founder of RIPE. For me, Fall brings a new energy that requires a bit of unraveling, intention setting, and unfolding through action - that means I need to SLOW DOWN. My tone changes during this time which you might notice.  Just as Summer seems to have come and went - we often feel like the days, months, and years just fly by. Is it that time is going by fast or is it that we’re constantly running?

For many of us, when life gives us a solid message to SLOW DOWN we spend a lot of emotional and mental energy resisting that message to push through. 

If we took a lesson from nature, we would realize that during the transition and within new seasons we need different things. Fall brings with it new moody shades of colors, cooler temps, stronger winds, and more rainy days. This is the season where you might feel like going inward; where emotions feel heavier, where you trigger more easily, and where you start questioning life and the many pieces within it. We’re right there with you! 
Our theme for October is all about Listening With Intention Through Transition. This is a perfect month to start a journaling practice while caring for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s also a perfect month to understand and become aware of what you NEED, and make time for those NEEDS.
Being a leader of your own life is KNOWING what you need during different moments. Just like we need to show up for others differently within certain moments - we need to show up for ourselves differently too. 

  • If your inner voice is harsh, lower the volume and practice self-compassion.
  • If you’re feeling stuck, put pen to paper and journal about it.
  • If you’re fighting the resistance to slow down, accept it and pause.
  • If your thoughts are spiraling, practice manifestation. Your words create your world.

Understanding what you need requires INTENTIONAL LISTENING. We can't listen if we're running, so we need to create the space to SLOW DOWN. A quote I love that I'm leaving with you is this…
"Listening is a form of accepting."
We can't understand and accept all the pieces of ourselves and our lives without listening.