Leadership isn’t a title,
it’s a human responsibility.

We're all leaders,

we just need the tools and resources to show up at our 100.
It’s time to support the HUMANS on your team to show up as
the leaders that they are. The future of business depends on it.


A business that puts your people first and knows that leadership
isn’t just a skill for the C-suite.
Hell, you know that it’s a skill for PEOPLE and for LIFE. 


A self-leadership school with a
Coach approach that’s disrupting the status quo of development.
Think of us as your secret weapon
to support your people. 


Give your employees a 10/10 development experience that supports them in feeling, being, and leading at 100. 

Our Offerings

Pulse Check 

Pulse Checks are monthly themed sessions designed as check-ins to support employee mental wellbeing - meeting them where they’re at while integrating tools and practices for mindset, growth, and self-awareness. 

Level Up Workshops

Sixty-minute power hours designed to ignite a culture of learning and leadership within your organization. Our library of workshops includes 15+ offerings that are each targeted on a specific leadership skill. They can be taught as one-offs or stacked to form a bespoke leadership curriculum.

The Self-Leadership Course

Long-term results require consistent action. Our Self-Leadership Course offers monthly sessions led by a RIPE Coach, that will lead you through all aspects of self-leadership. Your team will gain self-awareness, self-knowledge, and dive deeper into self-improvement so they can show -up more powerfully for themselves and others.

1 On 1 Coaching

One-on-one sessions with RIPE coaches for highly personalized support. RIPE coaching supports individuals at all levels of an organization through inquiry, strategy, education, and advocacy to better understand who they are, where they’re going, and push them to what they’re capable of. 
get your mind ripe

 “Work is no longer simply a place where you make a living, to put food on the table. Today we treat work as the place where you develop a sense of identity, the place that will help you become the better version of yourself, the place that gives you purpose and meaning."



What our clients are saying about us...

Over the past few months, Megan has led multiple workshops for our internal team. Not only does our team show up, but they leave the sessions feeling heard, energized, and re-settled. Megan is like a chiropractor for working professional's mind.
We all need a bit of re-alignment working remotely from home; that loss of social gathering in the office can create drift in the mind that Megan helps re-orient and position again. Couldn't recommend her and Ripe more emphatically.
Emmett Shine, Founder of Pattern Brands