A no-BS approach to creating
the life you want.

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You being a leader of your own life and career,
starts now! 

Nothing momentous is done without intention, focus, and strategy. You don’t sign up to run a marathon and run 26.2 miles on your first training run, it’s a build.

The build is within your training and your training is fueled by purpose. A goal with purpose has a fire under its ass and lasso around it, pulling you forward. The fire is the purpose, the goal is the journey - small wins that you chip away at, and the vision is the lasso. 

Let's build the fire, get clear on the vision, and know what work is needed to get us there! 


In this self-led course, you'll walk away with all the tools needed to take on not only your year but, your life. There will be a mix of tools and resources for you to go through, including - audio meditations, journaling, video, and reading content! 

We'll cover SIX components to set you up for success: 


How do you maintain the energy and mindset needed to consistently pursue what you want without burning out? 


What makes you, you? How does this come to life within your life as a whole?


What matters to you most? How do we use this data to navigate us towards our vision?


What do you want for your life? What are the things that are holding you back?


What are the daily elements that support us in bringing your vision to life?


How do you show up powerfully in the world? 
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Real change is strategic, intentional, and has a focal point in which motivates us to put in the work. 

When: Course launches on January 18th, 2022. 
Where: Online learning platform + LIVE zoom. 
Optional Live Session(s): January 26th, 2022 and  February 9th, 2022 

Megan Dolce

Megan is the founder and head leadership coach at RIPE. 

Megan began her career in the fashion industry, where she learned what it takes to be a young leader in the corporate world. As the youngest leader at the table, her role meant she was constantly seeking new ways to bridge the gap between her experience, leadership, driving her team development, along with the business. 

Megan left her high-fashion career in 2012 to work at lululemon athletica, purely for the culture of leadership development. Her work at lululemon fueled her desire to start her own business focused on the human inside the workplace. Recognizing that organizations that are willing to learn, collaborate, innovate, and invest in their people's leadership development are the ones that will go to the future. 

Megan has since worked with leaders and top executives in sports, business, film, politics, and more. Aside from working with organizations she supports individuals within their own leadership development within life and work.

Megan has formal training, certifications, and degrees in Coaching (ICF), Mindfulness, Team Leadership, and Facilitation. 
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